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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Just saying HOWDY and introducing my new granddaughter

Wow I haven't been to my blog in DAYS...I've been busy with crafting events. Last Friday night I had a techniques class. This coming Saturday I'm in a craft show so I've been quite busy trying to prepare for that. I'll take pics while I'm there and post them.
But the best news is my new granddaughter, Gabriella, she's a doll. She was born in Colorado on Nov 6th. She joins two grandsons that I have, Timothy & Johnny. My daughter Tiffany is pregnant with her second child. Soon I will be a grandma of 4. They add up quick ;-)

Its true what they say, grandkids get away with stuff that their parents never did - ha. My two grandsons, Timothy is 3 and Johnny is 18mos and they definitely get to do things that I would never have let their moms ;-)

I will need to start her scrapbook soon.

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