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Sunday, October 11, 2009

So excited...I have a new toy on its way....

So, I've been out to tons of blogs over the past couple of years and have been quite taken with demonstrators who offer videos on their blogs. So, I'm finally getting into modern technology, mostly because it's fun, plus my new toy is "Purple" to match my new Purple Dell that I wish would hurry up and arrive....so, in the next 1 to 2 weeks I will post my first ever tutorial video....stay tuned....

Most people who  know me know my favorite color is purple, with hot pink being a very close second, so I'm asked why my blog is "Pinkish" in color. Well, as I said, its a close 2nd, plus I purchased the header from a graphic designer on Etsy and these were the colors so I need the rest of my blog to match. Perhaps one day I will get enough time to figure out how to create my own headers and things for my blog, thus I can turn it purple if I want to, currently I am clueless in that department. Thus, those of you who follow my blog will be able to watch over the coming months as I learn new technology - woo hoo. Funny, I'm a project manager for software development projects, you would think I would be more techie than I am. Oh well, I'd rather be crafting than playing Techie ;-)  Have a great day. I'll be posting a card or two later today.

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