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Sunday, October 27, 2013

Struggling for the RIGHT Place

Hi Crafters,

Many of you know that I started an online Paper Crafting Store - StampinMania.com.  It is powered by WordPress, which has a built in blog. So we moved everything over to that blog. The frustrating part is while it does have SOME of the cool features it doesn't allow me to do some things that I want. For awhile I thought, "well, I'll post on both blogs" well that is a pain and quite time-consuming.  I'm back in debate mode. When I go to a blog I like to be able to scroll down for the entire month or at least for several days. The blog on my website doesn't do that. You only see one day at a time and you have to select 'next' or 'previous'. To me that is not user friendly and it doesn't inspire anyone to read any further than the current blog post.

So, I ask you? Do you have a blog preference style? Do you have any comments or feedback that would help me make the right decision?

Thanks for any insight you share

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