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Sunday, June 2, 2013

It's Getting Close

I’ve anxiously been awaiting the official opening of StampinMania.com
It’s taken a little longer than expected but I’m sure it will have been worth the wait. I’m currently planning opening weekend contests and give-aways. I’ve painstakingly been manually entering all the products, I’ve hit a few bumps along the way but I think you’ll be pleased. I’ve also been working on examples that I will be posting using some of my favorite products. One thing about Stampin Mania is that only products I’ve tried and endorse will be sold on the site. I’m looking for QUALITY number one; Style & Design a close second; and of course we can’t forget price.
We won’t have a TON of items on day one but I’m hopeful it will ramp up fast. I will be opening up the gallery in a couple of weeks so that all of you can post your creations as well. I want Stampin Mania to be more than a store; I want it to be a community where you’ll find so many things of interest that you’ll “Hang Out” for awhile, participate and enjoy the site. It’s not all about money and the store, it’s also about a community where we get to know each other.
Another addition in early Fall will be ‘events’ . Stampin Mania will be sponsoring crops and events throughout the year. We’ll be starting close to home here in Ohio with plans to visit other states as well. Hopefully uniting lots of twitter crafty pals together for fun and creative times.
So, tons to come – I look forward to spending many hours online with all of you.
Happy Crafting -


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