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Monday, March 18, 2013

A Day Without Crafting

A Day without crafting is like a day without sunshine. Oh, the sun wasn't shining today here in Ohio was it???? I did get to watch the videos from the online card class I'm taking but I didn't get a chance to make anything or post. We have company in town so my play time this week is limited.

How about all of you? Were you crafting today? Are you addicted to it as much as I am. I would truly love to have an entire week where I could do nothing but play in my craft room, watch tutorial videos, even make some tutorials; surf the net for creativity and inspiration, play on twitter and facebook. hmmm, sounds like I might be planning a week off - how great would that be. Ok, back to reality, I won't get a week off to do that but it's nice to dream. I have to keep my real job to pay for my 'dream' job.

Hope you all are doing well, I wanted to at least say howdy.


  1. Ok that sounds like bliss. One whole week dedicated to my scrap room and my addiction, I mean craft!