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Sunday, April 12, 2009

Where does the time go? I have literally been down in my craft room all day. This morning I finally found the tutorial I had seen quite some time back. I had seen this card and LOVED it. I couldn't remember who's website I found it on, finally, after literally 2 1/2 hrs of searching archives on both Patty Bennett's and Dawn Griffith's websites I found it. This card happened to be on Dawn's. I've posted a picture of the one I made this morning, but check out the video Dawn has, her card looks better too ;-) I was just so excited to use the brayer I bought and never figured out how to use. I really love this card. I made two of them so I would make sure to have one to keep on my display board to help spark creativity. Hope you like it. Thanks Dawn!!!

Find this beautiful card at Dawn's Stamping Studio. I'm going to 'attempt' to put the link here but I'm not sure it will work. If it doesn't, use the link to the right on my blog "Dawn's Stamping Studio" then click on Archive on her site. You'll find this in the January 2009 archives. Hope you don't mind me shaing all this Dawn.

1 comment:

  1. AWESOME girlie :) Your card is FABULOUS!! and so is your blog ..
    Happy Stampin!
    Dawn Griffith