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Saturday, April 18, 2009

Celebrate Life - Wallboard

Celebrate Life – Drywall Sample

So, today I decided to be creative outside the box. I decided to make something I could frame. I started with a 6” x 8” canvas panel, seemed like a good idea to me. Then I started stamping, the canvas has a textured surface so the stamped images were not complete, it was getting frustrating. I tried “fixing” is with markers – yah, not such a good idea ;-) My friend Jeanie was over here and she said “hey why don’t you try it on a drywall sample” so off to Home Depot we went. It was pretty messy cutting the wall board; Jeanie did it for me, what a friend ;-)

I did a couple of different pictures, one isn’t quite finished so I don’t have it to post just yet. However, here is my finished “un-framed” it will be much cuter in a white frame but I was so excited to show it to you I’m showing you the rough-edged project. The edges are not exactly straight but once it’s framed you won’t see that.

Hope you like it!

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